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Tune in to find out all about this once in a 29 year(September 17,2015-December 19th-20th,2017!) planetary transit! Not an energy you want to be surprised by! A wonderful time to broaden horizons! Figuratively & literally! Embrace cultural diversity! Open the mind to higher consciousness! Sagittarius's(& those w/this energy!) listen up! You may be feeling a tightening on those rein's of yours! Your get up and go will be challenged! Gemini! Your the opposite of Sagittarius! So...There is a lesson for you here too, Love,Saturn! + So much more! To find where Saturn is influencing you specifically in your life... Or for more information visit: www.KnowAstrology.org


Join "Thom the Astrology Guru" to discover what this transit is all about! This restless unpredictable energy is here to stay for the next almost 8 years! Discover the irony with current events and the transit of Uranus! On 3/11/2011 Uranus moved from Pisces to Aries bringing incredible change to the World! The earthquake,tsunami,& nuclear meltdowns in Japan all came from this transit of Uranus! Travel back in time to 1927-1935 the last time Uranus was in Aries to gain greater insight into what we may expect with this current energy in the World! We have a NEW call for freedom! Look ahead at what Uranus is seeking from all of us this time around! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


Join "Thom the Astrology Guru" to find out about Neptune's rare sign change into Pisces (not since 1848!!!)! Also a journey back to 1848-1862 to look at this energy at work in the world! What should we expect this time? Then we will look some more at Pluto in Capricorn's work to transform all of our structure's we have become dependent on! Are you seeing any structural changes in the world? In your life? Be prepared for the will of Pluto! Pluto is synonymous with transformation and regeneration. It's a time for new structure's! Out with the old...In with the You! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


Tune in to learn all about the center of our Universe!Ruler of the sign of Leo! The relationship we have with the Sun is much more unique than you may know! Listen in to understand why your "Horoscope" that you read in any newspaper or magazine truly is not about you! Find the true meaning of Astrology!Also...Moon Sign & Void-of-course times(HST) for the coming week!Tune in to the ruler of our emotional energy! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


Tune in to learn all about the MAJOR influence of this planet in our lives! Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn! Your relationship with this planet is guaranteed to be felt in your life! Discover what a "Saturn Return" is all about! The birthday of Saturn in your life! A time to be aware of! Also find out about a Saturn Retrograde! A time to accept limitation with all your intended progress!Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


Listen in to discover everything you ever wanted to know and more about the 7th planet from our Sun! Ruling planet of Aquarius! Dare to move to the beat of your drum! Learn about our relationship with this eccentric planet! The planet that does what it wants! Our individuality is very much influenced by this planet! Hope is Alive with Uranus! It's Electric! Also...Be sure to visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


Listen in to have a greater understanding of the planet Neptune! The planet of "Dreams & Illusions!" Neptune is the ruling planet of the water sign Pisces! Learn all about Neptunes influence in our daily lives...Where is your Neptune? Learn how your relationship with Neptune is unique to influencing you in your life! The Ego is silent and Compassion Alive with Neptune! Be one with yourself & all your brothers & sisters! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


Tune in to learn all about the relationship we have with the planet Mars! The planet that rules the sign of Aries! Our planetary neighbor is very influential in our daily lives! Action! Learn all about the energy you have! Your passion!How you express yourself!What are you attracted to? Look to Mars to find your self expression! Also.. Dr. Mari Palma joins us to speak about our connection with Mars (our energy) and our health! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


All about Astrology! Go back as far as 5000 years+ to understand how our night sky has been fascinating all of us on Earth! Through every culture! Astrology is much more a part of our lives than one may think! There is a greater truth about Astrology than what your newspaper may have to say about you! A must listen to! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


You guessed right! This show is all about the Moon! Ruling planet of Cancer! Learn how extremely influential our Moon is to each of us in our daily lives! Learn all about the Void-of-Course! The phenomena of the Moon each time it has its last relationship with any planet! Note...Void-of-Courses happen at least 12 times every month! A time to stick with what already has begun! "Old business!" Not a time to forge ahead! For all your efforts at these mystical times will almost surely be lost! A great time to be reflective! Visit "www.KnowAstrology.org" or email "KnowAstrology@gmail.com" for more information...


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